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Box Turner - Tunnel Entrance and Exit

Virador de caixas


Patent required under no:
BR 10 2015 027653 2
BR 10 2015 027654 0
Function of the equipment: This equipment was developed to operate in production line, transferring products from one box to another mechanically.

Secondary: Tunnel entrance.

Used in the secondary to make the transfer of the product that comes in bowls or plastic boxes from the cut or boning rooms to the cardboard boxes.
Pallet: Tunnel exit.
On tunnel outlet line: Used to remove frozen product from plastic box or basin and transfer to a mat, box or set location.
Operation: 01 operator
Production Capacity: 1200 cx / h.
Installed force: 380 V / 10A
Compressed air consumption: 307 l / min at 7 bar.
Construction: Structure made and stainless steel.
Safety: Equipment suitable for NR10 and NR12.
Security category: According to risk analysis cat.03.