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Washer Boots 02 Grid Positions

Lvb 2p com nr

Made of stainless steel 304 plate # 1,5mm;
TIG welding: (tungsten inert gas);
Finishing: sandblasted with micro glass beads;
Measurements: height 1,190 mm, length 800 mm and width 1,280 mm;
Drive through top bar with limit switch;
End of Course for activation;
380V or 220V three-phase gearmotor;
Simultaneous start of the brush after the actuation by the operator;
Hot water resistant nylon bristle spool brush;
Comes with hand brush;
Protection in the bristles through rebar with hinges;
Protected control panel IP 65 in opaque polycarbonate case, with front button on / off;
Foot support rail made of sheet # 1,5 mm and plate # 3 mm